John & Caroline – the couple behind
Stand-Bi® phone and beverage holder.


And I am the inventor of the STAND-Bi® phone and beverage holder. Having been in law enforcement for nearly 24 years, I have spent thousands of hours in my patrol vehicle. During Spring Break 2016, I was temporarily assigned to beach patrol in Jensen Beach, Florida. I noticed that while many of the beach goers had their favorite beverages in beach spike cup holders, their cell phones were lying on a towel or placed in a beach bag. I thought to myself, why don’t I design a holder for both cell phone and beverage?

Here is where patrolling in my vehicle for 24 years comes in…
I became tired of using my only cup holder for my phone or accidentally dropping it between the seats where I could not find it. I discussed the idea with Caroline, my wife, who mentioned how nice it would be to have a holder for the kitchen counter and her office desk. No water rings to clean up! 

We put our heads together and I was able to design the phone and beverage holder for the beach and vehicles while Caroline designed the foot which can be used on smooth surfaces. The STAND-Bi® phone and beverage holder is UV protected and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.